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Creating software competitive advantage for over a quarter century 

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About Us

Beginning in the late 1980's, Bob Yacobellis, Founding Partner of Global Software Excellence (GSE), began working with all Motorola Businesses to help them improve their software performance.  Using a unique, highly customized and tailored facilitated workshop called the Senior Management Forum on Software, Bob and his senior team members in Corporate Software R&D worked with senior management teams and software leaders in organizations across the globe to identify improvement opportunities and deploy best practices that led to significantly greater performance and reduced cost.  At the same time, Bob worked with senior software quality personnel across the company to create Motorola's software quality program from the ground up.  Even today its Software Quality Council acts as a continuing forum to share best practices and lessons learned in software process, quality, and metrics.

Bob championed the use of the Software Engineering Institute CMM® and CMMI® models of software excellence as the improvement methodology of choice for Motorola, and helped drive their use and software performance improvements in existing organizations across the company.  Not content to focus solely on incremental change, Bob also created an innovative organizational concept that led to the creation of high maturity internal outsourcing software centers for Motorola world-wide, forming the Global Software Group (GSG).  Initially, Motorola used this concept to create the first commercial CMM® Level 5 organization, Motorola India Electronics, Limited, in Bangalore, India, GSG's first software center.  At its peak, GSG consisted of 6000+ software engineers operating at the highest level of software performance, CMMI® Maturity Level 5.  Consequently, GSE has expertise and experience creating, managing, and driving excellence in outsourced software organizations world-wide.  All of these combined programs and approaches led to the creation of an internal Motorola software improvement consulting business that inspired the formation of GSE.

If you are seeking to eliminate software bottlenecks, improve software quality and productivity, or just to maximize the payoff from your software development and engineering efforts, GSE can help.  Turn to us for proven software best practices and expert application of organizational culture change principles to drive operational excellence and competitive advantage.  We use our own highly qualified resources in conjunction with other consultants and organizations dedicated to the same high standards of ethical and impactful consulting and hands-on improvement programs.  Don't hesitate to contact us to begin your journey to peak performance.

Bob Yacobellis

What can Global Software Excellence do for you?

  • Baseline and benchmark software capability and performance
  • Translate strategic goals into actions and best practice roadmaps
  • Reorganize existing resources and teams for maximum payoff and ROI
  • Coach management and staff to achieve world-class levels of software performance
  • Launch or accelerate improvement in software quality, process improvement, and metrics programs
  • Drive down cost of defects and defect repair, shorten time to market, and increase engineering leverage
  • Synchronize organizational, management, engineering, tools and technology, and business process initiatives

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